Picks for each second-round series

The second round of the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs is set to begin on Saturday, with the Boston Bruins hosting the New York Islanders. On Sunday, the Carolina Hurricanes take on the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche begin their series against the Vegas Golden Knights. The North Division is a little behind, so the Winnipeg Jets are waiting to see whether they’ll face the Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens in Round 2.

How will each of these series play out?

We gathered our panel of NHL experts to hear their picks on each series, along with how many games it will take to get to the result in each case.

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East Division

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Ben Arledge: Isles in sixPierre Becquey: Isles in sevenJohn Buccigross: Bruins in sevenSach Chandan: Bruins in sevenLinda Cohn: Bruins in sixEmily Kaplan: Bruins in sevenNabil Karim: Bruins in sixTim Kavanagh: Isles in sevenSteve Levy: Bruins in sevenVictoria Matiash: Bruins in sevenBarry Melrose: Bruins in sixArda Ocal: Bruins in sixGreg Wyshynski: Bruins in six

Consensus pick: Bruins (10/13)

Central Division

Ben Arledge: Lightning in sixPierre Becquey: Lightning in sevenJohn Buccigross: Lightning in sevenSach Chandan: Lightning in sixLinda Cohn: Lightning in sixEmily Kaplan: Lightning in sevenNabil Karim: Lightning in sevenTim Kavanagh: Canes in sixSteve Levy: Lightning in fiveVictoria Matiash: Lightning in sixBarry Melrose: Lightning in sixArda Ocal: Lightning in sevenGreg Wyshynski: Canes in seven

Consensus pick: Lightning (11/13)

West Division

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Ben Arledge: Knights in sevenPierre Becquey: Avs in sevenJohn Buccigross: Avs in sevenSach Chandan: Avs in fiveLinda Cohn: Knights in sevenEmily Kaplan: Avs in sixNabil Karim: Avs in sixTim Kavanagh: Knights in sixSteve Levy: Avs in sevenVictoria Matiash: Avs in sevenBarry Melrose: Avs in sevenArda Ocal: Avs in sixGreg Wyshynski: Avs in six

Consensus pick: Avalanche (10/13)

Published: 2021-05-29 17:54:54

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